File No. 861.00/764

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


2062. Your 1871, November 30, 4 p.m.3 Plan outlined was formulated but never executed. Rodzyanko, Alexeev now with Kaledin at Novocherkassk and thought making efforts to organize army but extremely doubtful whether succeed. Kornilov reported escaped and gone south with four hundred Cossacks who were guarding him. Trotsky, however, playing bluff game and making [Page 285] every effort for recognition by Allied missions. Verkhovski, Minister of War, and Maruchevski, Chief of Staff, arrested. If Trotsky disrupts or postpones Constituent Assembly as reported in contemplation may arouse overwhelming opposition and ride to a fall. Surprising strength of Cadets in election is more attributable to opposition to Bolsheviks than strength of Cadets who considered reactionary. Cadets’ strength may become so formidable in Assembly that will drive into Bolshevik ranks some Internationals and Social Revolutionists of left who otherwise would oppose Bolsheviks. Judson investigating as directed in 1837 [1871?1].

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  2. John R. Mott, general secretary of the International Committee of Young Men’s Christian Associations.