File No. 861.00/11427

The Military Attaché in Russia ( Judson ) to the War Department


I had long interview with Trotsky this morning on military features of Lenin-Trotsky program, especially relating to armistice negotiations beginning to-morrow. I emphasized unofficial character and had Ambassador’s consent. I pointed out in many ways parallel features of Russia’s and Allies’ interests and argued that if any armistice is made, it should be of long duration with enemy troops remaining in position and no exchange of prisoners or products.

Trotsky was very responsive. He implied that his principles and desire for peace leave him wide latitude in armistice negotiations and stated that he would be glad to have me cable to the United States that in the negotiations he would observe and endeavor to protect the interests of Russia’s allies; he further stated that the points I raised appealed to him or had already been in his mind and that armistice commission would be given instructions accordingly.