File No. 861.00/750

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


2050. Judson saw Trotsky to-day with my approval as at yesterday’s meeting of Allied chiefs I advocated unofficial effort to influence armistice terms at conference beginning to-morrow. No objection was offered to each chief’s exerting such influence unofficially and not personally. Judson making full report to War Department.1 Says no friction attended first session and thinks some good accomplished. My desire was as indicated my 2039, November 28, 12 noon,2 to throw safeguards around separate armistice, if inevitable, that would protect other fronts and prevent transfer thereto of German troops now confronting Russian Army; also to prevent liberation of Austrian-German prisoners and Russian prisoners. Trotsky told Judson had thought of such provisos.

Allied chiefs still carefully avoiding recognition. Reports continue that Bolsheviki will not have majority in Assembly.

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