File No. 861.00/748

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


2041. Have transmitted through Stockholm en clair verbatim copy of a communication Trotsky concerning armistice.1 Same sent immediately all Allied missions.

Gave informal reception and Thanksgiving [Day] tea to-day inviting Americans through press notice and informing embassies and legations by telephone. Two hundred attended. All Allied Ambassadors came except British consequently have not seen him since receiving Trotsky note informing Allied diplomatic representatives of armistice conference of December 2 and asking if their governments wished to take part therein.2

An Embassy secretary reports that British [Ambassador has] changed position and is recommending his Government to recognize Soviet administration and admit that Russia compelled to negotiate separate peace to the end that remaining Allies may retain Russian good will. Cannot credit this but if do not receive notice of meeting of Allied chiefs by noon to-morrow shall request same be called.

Election returns incomplete but Cadets elected four in Petrograd, Bolsheviks six, all others two, which is encouraging as expected Bolshevik majority. Assembly meets December 13 and reliable reports to the effect that if there should be Bolshevik majority it will not be large.

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