File No. 861.00/651

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


977. I have been able to get into telephone communication with Torneå and I am informed that according to report current there Kerensky is in control of Russian telegraphs; that telegrams from southern Russia report country is controlled by Cossacks working under Kerensky; that the Bolshevik troops badly beaten at Tsarskoe Selo and retired to Petrograd where they are quartered in certain section of the city; that the. Allied missions in Petrograd are now in connection with Kerensky who has announced Government centers at Moscow, Novocherkassk; that Generals Kornilov and Kaledin have called upon every one to oppose Bolsheviks. According to passengers arriving at Torneå to-day from Petrograd, newspapers are reappearing in Petrograd all announcing defeat of Bolsheviks; that there has been considerable fighting on Nevski Prospekt.