File No. 861.00/645

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


972. I have just had talk over long-distance telephone with my representative I sent to Haparanda who had a conference with Italian Ambassador to Russia who arrived at Swedish frontier this morning and gave the following information.

The mayor of Petrograd has appointed a Committee of Safety which is operating against the Bolsheviks and this committee is receiving the support of the American and British Embassies. The Duma of the city of Petrograd is sitting continuously; the labor elements are deserting the Bolshevik Party. Bolsheviks have one battleship in Petrograd supporting them. Kerensky is supposed to be about forty miles from Petrograd where he has issued proclamations to the effect that he is still the Prime Minister of Russia. Kerensky expects march with troops against the Bolsheviks in Petrograd. Helsingfors, Finland, is in the hands of Bolsheviks. There is no railway communication between Petrograd and Moscow. Bolsheviks have not secured control in Tornea. Conditions there are normal and there have been no disturbances.