File No. 861.00/642

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State 1


1970. Troops of the Provisional Government reported approaching city and one engagement reported at Gachina about thirty miles from Petrograd. In my estimate Bolshevik regiment defeated. These rumors unconfirmed.

Trotsky visited a senator yesterday after Bolshevik messenger had been refused secret treaties which he demanded, Assistant Minister Neratov and Petraev having told messenger that treaties could not be taken from department but only be exhibited to new Minister for Foreign Affairs when appointed by authorized power. Trotsky appeared later and after assembling Foreign Office force, announced himself Minister for Foreign Affairs whereupon entire force declined to serve and left department which is now closed, not even responding to telephone calls. Only department responding to telephone is Ways of Communication but Minister of Ways of Communication imprisoned.

State Bank entered by Bolsheviki, said to be sailors, who took possession in the name of Soviet government but no appropriation of money reported.

Later, 5 p.m. Just been visited by member of Committee of Safety of which Avksentiev chairman and which has representatives from City Duma, from All-Russian Council of Peasants, and from army delegates to Soviet national congress who bolted that organization when Bolsheviki came into control. Committeeman’s name [Page 229] Vilenkin, whose brother former attaché, Russian Embassy, Washington, says Bolsheviki being deserted by soldiers and new government virtually ended; that Savinkov and Kerensky with troops only 20 versts from Petrograd and within twenty-four hours and advancing; says instructed to inform me officially.

  1. Sent via the Legation in Sweden (No. 973).