File No. 861.00/668

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1968. Possibly ominous quiet prevailed here last night and to-day. Definitely ascertained that all Ministers except Kerensky in Peter and Paul Fortress. Petrograd Workmen-Soldiers with minority of national Soviet named Ministry 4 a.m. to-day but am not officially informed. Understand Lenin is [Premier], Trotsky Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Telegram from Consul General dated November 8, 8 p.m., states Moscow under Bolsheviki sustained by garrison.

Petrograd City Duma refuses recognition of Military Revolutionary Committee which has been directing all matters from Smolny Institute, headquarters of Petrograd Soviet.

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Kornilov reported escaped. Kerensky reported en route Petrograd with one and one half army corps from northern front, but another report says railroad employees refusing to bring soldiers into Petrograd unless so ordered by Soviet committee.

Meeting called by dean yesterday attended by entire Diplomatic Corps. Dean said French Ambassador requested meeting. Latter said object was to confer concerning safety of our respective colonies. No [only] definite action taken was that [each] head of mission should act in such matters as his judgment dictated. No mention made of any new government or recognition thereof when and if established.