File No. 861.00/611

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


1821. Overtures were made last week to the American Federation of Labor to call or to participate in an international conference of workmen and socialists from all countries. The Executive Council of the federation having before it a report made by the president of the federation, Mr. Gompers, made the following official declaration:

That we regard it as untimely and inappropriate, conducive to no good result, but on the contrary harmful, to hold an international conference at this time or in the near future with the representatives of all countries, including enemy countries, and we are constrained therefore to decline at this time either to participate in or to call such a conference. We take occasion to again send fraternal greetings to the people and the Republic of Russia and our earnest wishes for the success and permanency of Russia’s democracy; that we all make energetic efforts in our common cause for freedom, justice and democracy in all of the nations of the world.

Please bring to attention of Provisional Government and to Consul General, Moscow.