File No. 861.00/622

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1941. Bolshevik demonstration for November 2 abandoned but Trotsky and associates still advocating deposing of Kerensky ministry and claim demonstration be made if necessary therefor. Milyukov [Page 217] delivered strong address in Council of Republic yesterday mainly directed at the Bolsheviki whom he attacked fearlessly charging deplorable conditions including overwhelming Italian defeat to Bolshevik teachings. Criticized mercilessly Skobelev instructions for Paris conference. I was one Ambassador present and received ovation from the council excepting Bolsheviki when Milyukov complimented America. Rumanian Minister and myself acknowledged [ovation], Bolsheviki abstaining, at the close when the speaker paid tribute to Allies.

Minister for Foreign Affairs went to Stavka yesterday, returns tomorrow; departure for Paris changed from November 3 but not definitely fixed.