File No. 861.00/306

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1138. Please cable in ample time for publication here immediately after delivery the President’s message to extraordinary session. Think it would have telling effect but would consult Milyukov before formally publishing.

Five Russian regiments which for ten days have been outwardly orderly but inclined to ignore officers and defy discipline yesterday were addressed by a superior officer who after predicting revolution and eliciting applause from soldiers asked if they desired to preserve the freedom gained and upon their enthusiastic affirmative reply stated that the only way to do so was to defeat Germany and that discipline was essential to success. The officer then asked if soldiers were willing to return and received an emphatic “yes.” Determination to gain victory growing stronger daily. Officers in Petrograd held large meeting attended by military attaches of Allies; all pledged best efforts. Soldiers paraded Sunday with banners calling on workingmen to resume their work and make munitions which are required. Riggs invited to visit headquarters in the field, will start [Page 17] on Wednesday. About one hundred thousand soldiers here all favoring revolution. Decided majority have been under control of Workmen’s Committee but observing and enforcing order. Problem for ten days has been to restore discipline.