File No. 861.00/562

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1813. First day’s conference proceedings witnessed decided triumph Kerensky who spoke as comrade unofficially. Given ovation on entrance, frequently applauded, often interrupted by Bolsheviks whom he condemned severely charging with responsibility for army demoralization and general deplorable situation. Explained satisfactorily charge of connection with Kornilov plot. No hostile demonstration except angry threats to eject from conference a Bolshevik who interrupted Kerensky. Bolshevik sentiment largely in the minority estimated about fourth of membership. Separate meetings of groups to-day, conference reconvening to-morrow noon when expected to (vote?) and adjourn.

Council of Ministers announced appointments for two vacancies, will announce two others to-morrow, all non-Soviets, notwithstanding conference may pass resolution concerning personnel of Ministry. Tseretelli specially advocated coalition Ministry with Cadet representation. Chernov advocated coalition Ministry with the Cadets excluded. Minister of War spoke, was well received, good impression. Bolsheviks supported Soviet ministry. Minister of Foreign Affairs still says won’t remain if Soviet sentiment dominates Ministry or if Government not strong. Says that Finland situation bad as army and fleet refusing to obey order of the Government to prevent Diet meeting. Governor General of Finland will prevent such meeting if he can command sufficient civil force therefor. Movement of German fleet unknown. Aeroplane attacks on Petrograd expected next week but Minister of Foreign Affairs says that defense therefrom much strengthened.