File No. 861.00/547

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis )1


1751. The Department is in receipt of following telegram dated September 25, from American Minister, Stockholm:

I wish to call your attention to the state of affairs which is quickly developing in Russia. I am informed by reliable people who are daily coming to Sweden from all parts of Russia that the conditions there have been growing constantly worse until there exists to-day a condition of what one could call anarchy. There is no cohesion between the Government and the people and no respect is shown towards the Government. There are innumerable divisions of the administration and various groups striving for various indefinite objects. I could enumerate a great many crimes and horrible conditions that are constantly being perpetrated throughout Russia without the Government’s being able to rectify conditions or punish the offenders. I am informed that the future holding together of the military is very problematical and cannot be depended on; also that discipline and law is lacking in the army and there is little respect shown by the men toward their superiors. This state of affairs which has been in evidence for some time past has been gradually growing worse and it is fast becoming a matter of most grave and serious moment.

The Russian Ambassador at Madrid has just resigned on the basis that he could not work for or be connected with a Government which cannot enforce law and order. I was confidentially informed of this by his sister yesterday.

Department will be pleased to receive your comments on this message.

  1. Sent via the Embassy in France.