File No. 861.00/527

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1760. Rodzyanko, Guchkov and Japanese Ambassador who visited the Embassy this afternoon separately by appointment each expressed confidential opinion that in contest between Government and Soviet latter will succeed. I disagreed as believe Government will command loyalty of decided majority of the army. Minister for Foreign Affairs just left Embassy says test of strength with Soviet will result in decided victory of Government and I so believe. Says new Ministry will have no Soviet members consequently Government confident of its position. Kerensky firmly maintains his position and is entitled to great credit therefor having severed associations of lifetime.

Provisional Government has proclaimed republic thus preventing any charge or suspicion of Kerensky’s contemplating dictatorship. May not announce Ministry before Saturday and likely to announce therewith removal of capital to Moscow, not that Petrograd likely to fall but will be within war zone, furthermore surrounding influences of Moscow less Bolshevik. This is confidential view of Minister for Foreign Affairs. Diplomatic Corps would accompany Government to Moscow.