File No. 861.00/298

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1130. Provisional Government issues a ringing proclamation addressed to citizens, soldiers and sailors, signed by President [Premier] and all the Ministers. After stating that the enemy is taking advantage of internal dissensions, and concentrating his forces to strike a terrific blow, it appeals to the pride and patriotism of all; assures soldiers and sailors that their feelings and rights will not be ignored as heretofore, and appeals to them to present an unbroken front to an advancing foe whose victory would be a victory over the new order and over liberated Russia; that the army cannot be strong without the observance of strict discipline which cannot be enforced by accidental and temporary chiefs but only by officers trained as such, who know how to lead, and who will not abandon their men in the hour of peril. It promises that former insults will not be repeated, that officers will respect the honor and personality of their soldiers, and deserve the authority exercised. The proclamation is timely, should be effective. Guchkov also issues address to army with which he is quite popular. Holy Synod also issues appeal to Orthodox Russians to support new Government.