File No. 861.00/481

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1673. Your 1648 of the 24th received to-day and forwarded Moscow.1 Think President’s salutation opportune, concise, remarkably well expressed.

Nekrasov just left Embassy, says Tereshchenko who is in Moscow telephoned that Kornilov spoke to-day very satisfactorily, well received, and will have good effect throughout country, removing anticipations of difference between Kornilov and Kerensky, claims he, Kerensky and Tereshchenko had known since the 23d that Kornilov loyal to Provisional Government. Says Cadets resolved last night to support Provisional Government and conference will adjourn evening 28th after forty speeches limited ten minutes each. Says furthermore Assistant Minister of War told him confidentially wished Bolsheviks had made outbreak as was thoroughly prepared therefor. Very quiet here.

  1. Transmitting the President’s telegram of Aug. 24, ante, p. 177.