File No. 861.00/452

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1570. Kerensky went to front Saturday, returns this evening when expected to announce new Ministry, composition of which unknown, possibly undetermined, but subject of much conjecture. Will number 15, 6 socialists, 9 non-socialists, but Cadets, whom Kerensky consulted, consented to participate in coalition Ministry provided Ministry is non-partisan and will enact no new legislation before Constituent Assembly convenes and provided furthermore Ministry excludes Chernov who is president of Social Revolutionist publications, writer and talker, returned exile after many years’ sojourn in Paris. Rumored also that socialists interdicted selection of Milyukov and Shingarev. Tell McAdoo shall advise about advances immediately upon Ministry organization. Quiet political effect here. Workmen, soldiers, also peasants understood willing to accept Kerensky’s ministry on the above conditions but no formal action taken by them. Under previous Ministry Kerensky, Skobelev, Tseretelli, Chernov, Peshekhonov, socialist Ministers, reported semiweekly to Council of Workmen-Soldiers which was thereby given semi-official recognition. Tereshchenko accompanied Kerensky to front consequently likely to be reappointed.