File No. 861.00/440

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1564. Kerensky empowered to appoint new Ministry, having received resignations of all present Ministers with the possible exception of Chernov, Minister of Agriculture, who least acceptable. This after several days’ effort by Ministers to fill vacancies. Several present Ministers probably reappointed including Tereshchenko and Tseretelli. This action taken last evening not yet public.

By appointment made yesterday, had forty minutes conference to-day with Kerensky who occupying Winter Palace and physical appearance much improved since sojourn at front. Says conference mentioned your 1580 [1574], July 18 [16], 9 p.m.,1 never contemplated in Petrograd but meeting of socialist leaders of Allied countries be held London August 10 to arrange international socialist conference. All conferences especially socialistic should be discouraged, certainly in Russia.

Funeral services of Cossacks killed in outbreak July 17 be held at St. Isaac’s to-morrow. Bolsheviks arranged similar ceremonies for their victims but same prohibited.

Kerensky says Bolsheviks being prosecuted severely here and same cleaning-out process begun at front. Many expressing desire that Kerensky assume dictatorship but think that improbable.