File No. 861.00/428

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


1534. Continuing my No. 1531. Bolsheviks surrendered palace which were occupying, after slight resistance, many Bolsheviks taking refuge in Saints Peter and Paul Fortress which troops from front surrounded. As troops advanced white flag raised, fortress surrendered, conditions, if any, unknown, peaceably. Disorder beginning evening 16th continuing thirty-six hours was complete surprise to the Government which offered no resistance, made no effort preserve order. Planned and executed by Bolsheviks as “peaceful demonstration of power” which they claim was successful. One report gives killed 470, of which 70 Cossacks, but think both overestimated as collisions only six, of short duration. Quiet now prevails. Ministerial vacancies unfilled. Probably awaiting convention of Russian Councils of Workmen and Soldiers called for 28th.

Executive Committee of Russian Councils of Workmen and Soldiers and of Council of Peasants [’ Deputies] strongly condemn outbreak.