File No. 763.72/5795

The Ambassador on Special Mission to Russia ( Root ) to the Secretary of State


13. Party all well. Opportunities for more complete understanding in every direction have multiplied and have been utilized. General Scott and military officers visiting Russian southwest front and will answer Rumanian invitation with expression of good will.1 Admiral Glennon returned from Black Sea and Archangel and now with Baltic Fleet. Hope for answer to our cable of June 172 before we leave here July 9, especially regarding Japan and publicity. Have assumed personal liability for expense necessary to bring President’s utterances among other important matters to knowledge of Russian public. Without this they would have been practically unknown. I beg you to realize that Germany is now attacking Russia by propaganda and is spending millions, at least a million dollars monthly, to capture the minds of the Russian people. Germany [Page 129] expects to succeed; can be prevented only by active and immediate counter attacks by the same weapons.

Please advise us if Buffalo has acknowledged direction to meet us at Vladivostok July 17.