File No. 763.72/5693

The Ambassador on Special Mission to Russia ( Root ) to the Secretary of State


12. For McAdoo:

It is the unanimous opinion of commission that an extensive educational publicity campaign be undertaken in Russia with the approval of Russian Government and to be supervised by Ambassador Francis in order to offset extensive and very dangerous German propaganda. This is absolutely essential in our judgment and even though costly is the best possible contribution that America can make. Please recall my conversation with you in regard to this subject and give us prompt answer as arrangements should be made here before our departure on the 9th. Failing to receive authority to draw for $100,000 preliminary expenses we have assumed personal obligation for more than $30,000 in order to make public the President’s utterance and Senator Root’s address. Please read our cable to Lansing of 18th and to-day and give us prompt and definite answer. Bertron.