File No. 103.97/46

The Food Administrator ( Hoover) to the Special Representative of the Food Administration ( Taylor)1


Am I correct in assuming 132,000,000 bushels wheat, ourselves and Canada, date from November 1 and includes flour in terms of wheat? If so we can supply it. At present North America shipping at rate 6,000,000 bushels wheat or flour in terms of wheat weekly and can increase it possibly to 8,000,000 weekly if they send tonnage.

Rye, exportable surplus about 10,000,000.

Barley, normal surplus about 25,000,000, but will ship more if they wish as we do not mind depleting brewery supply. On this point, however, it would assist whole position here if they could assure us that none of our grain will be used for drinks. Allies have considerable barley on Pacific coast but no shipping and we cannot afford cars for transcontinental shipment.

Barnes assures me has given no estimates on corn. The position is slow maturity, scarcity of labour and practical famine here for past three months with consequent large absorption by interior will prevent any considerable shipment before January 1. We anticipate 10,000,000 bushels exportable January and 20,000,000 or 25,000,000 monthly thereafter especially after wheat exports slackened.

Will take all the measures we can for early drying. Vegetable oil compounds, will reply few days.

  1. Transmitted by the Secretary of State through the Ambassador in Great Britain (No. 5851).