File No. 600.119/445

The Food Administrator ( Hoover) to the Special Representative of the Food Administration ( Taylor)1


For your general information. Our exportable surplus to Allies appears to be as at November 1 in million bushels: barley 24, rye 11, corn 300, oats 200. Wheat is statistically exhausted but of course conservation may yield some monthly dividends. Our calculations of Allied necessities until next harvest are: corn 200, oats 200, wheat 350. Canadian wheat surplus is about 120. This appears to me to point to their provision of all wheat from Canadian and other sources or if we provide wheat pending Argentine arrivals owing to slow movement Canadian wheat it should be replaced from Canada. Would like to have your early check on these estimates. We also need competent advice on their other food needs, meat, fats especially, otherwise we cannot intelligently guide conservation.

  1. Transmitted by the Acting Secretary of State through the Ambassador in Great Britain (No. 5837).