Part I: The Continuation of the War—Participation of the United States


  1. Papers relating to the conclusion of an armistice on the Russian front, Dec. 17, 1917, the opening of negotiations for peace, and the invitation to the Allied Governments to participate and declare their terms are printed in Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, Vol. I, pp. 242 et seq.
  2. The papers printed in this section do not purport to give a complete account of financial transactions between the United States and the Allied powers, a subject not suitable for full development in these volumes. On the other hand, the total omission of this subject would exclude an important factor in the general process of the organization of cooperation with the Allied powers, culminating in the Inter-Allied Conference of November-December, 1917. The principle governing the selection of these documents is that of showing the problems of financial cooperation, the efforts made toward solving them, and the evolution of the machinery for coordinating financial policy which resulted in the formation of the Purchasing Commission and the Inter-Allied Council on War Purchases and Finance. Papers relating to financial assistance to Rumania are included in a separate section, post, page 721. Those relating to loans to Russia are printed in Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, Vol. III.
  3. See also Mr. Crosby’s report on his mission, ante, p. 392.
  4. See also the section dealing with the taking over of German ships in American ports. Papers relating to the disposition of German ships seized by China and Siam are printed in the section dealing with the Far East, post, p. 682; those relating to the disposition of German ships seized by Latin American countries are printed in Foreign Relations, 1917, Supplement 1. Arrangements regarding the control in use and the procurement by charter of neutral shipping are dealt with in Vol. II of this Supplement.
  5. See also the section on Negotiations with Denmark, Norway, and Sweden concerning Exports and Shipping, Vol. II, p. 1015.
  6. See also the report of the representative of the Shipping Board, ante, p. 409.