File No. 837.156/226

Minister Gonzales to the Secretary of State


Department’s March 15, 2 p.m. Secretary of State replies that he informed the President in person of importance of note and that for the purpose of terminating matter the President proposes to appoint immediately a commission of three lawyers to make fresh study of the subject and determine what the Executive may do within his powers.

This Government appreciates at its true high value the offer of assistance and the friendly cooperation of the United States and regrets that it has not been able to proceed with celerity. Parliaments however are dilatory everywhere. The convincing purpose of the Government to secure settlement is shown by the President’s message to Congress and the passage of the bill by the Senate. It is incomprehensible what grounds there can be for diplomatic pressure by the British Government in a matter where the action of this Government has been confirmed by the highest court of the country and in respect to a company that court has decided did not conform to the laws.

Respecting what is said of certain members of Congress the Government can only proceed in so important and serious a matter with proof in its possession. These should be given by the company.

The President continues to occupy himself hoping that sooner or later he can reach a solution in compliance with law, justice and equity.