File No. 837.156/225

Minister Gonzales to the Secretary of State


Department’s March 2, 6 p.m.1 Called on the President yesterday and made him acquainted with Department’s earnestness and views. He has a little hope of congressional action this week. If he fails he wishes, as final lever to use on congress, a formal advisory note to this Government. On account of Supreme Court decision his advisors believe revocation of decree would not stand legal test.

As time presses I advise that Department immediately send note strongly urging action in support of the President’s program, emphasizing the large British interests and British pressure upon the Department, also referring to Department’s information that number of congressmen are refusing action in expectation of private gain and giving Department’s opinion of disaster to Cuban credit and reputation abroad should such attitude of congressmen be made public. This line would be in my opinion most effective and cause the least irritation.

  1. Not printed.