File No. 837.00/1096

The Secretary of the Navy to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of February 14, 1917,1 in which you inquire whether it would be possible for this Department to order two United States men-of-war to proceed immediately to Habana and Santiago de Cuba, respectively.

The Commander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet has been informed that Fernandez, a revolutionary leader in control at Santiago, has informed the American Minister at Habana that military necessity has required the mining of Santiago harbor, and that any American vessels wishing to enter that port must obtain the services of a pilot. The Commander in Chief has further been informed that the Department of State desires that United States men-of-war be sent immediately to Habana and to Santiago de Cuba, and has been instructed to comply with this request.

Josephus Daniels
  1. Not printed.