File No. 837.00/1093

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Cuban Minister

[Telegram left at Department by the Cuban Minister February 15, 1917]

The statements issued by the Minister of the United States here to the press, with which you are surely acquainted, have produced the most favorable impression in all law-abiding citizens, because of the emphatic declarations made in the name of the United States Government with regard to its policy of upholding only legally constituted governments and never those that may be formed through [Page 360] revolutions. This declaration will have the most beneficent effect and the President instructs me expressly to direct you to assure the Government of the United States that, with the moral support of that Government, he is firmly convinced of his ability to reestablish order and to give a decisive example for the future with regard to seditious citizens and especially as to the military who may violate their sacred duties of discipline and fidelity. With reference to the military uprising in Santiago, to which your cablegram referred, I inform you that it has not extended and that the President is sure of dominating that or any other civil or military uprisings with the resources in his power and the reenforcements which have already been sent to those places.