File No. 813.00/855

Chargé Johnson to the Secretary of State


Your August 22, 5 p.m.4 Simultaneously with beginning yesterday of the propaganda here in favor of Central American Union there is published for the first time identical note from the Minister of Foreign Affairs de facto Government dated July 17, 1917, to the other Central American States except Nicaragua proposing conference here September 15 to extend life of the Central American Court of Justice and to revise generally Washington Conventions. No answers are published. Provisions of the Convention note forecast in annual report Minister of Foreign Affairs transmitted despatch No. 150, [Page 38]July 31.4 Tinoco organ La Informatión, in order to satisfy popular demand, welcomes movement of union as desirable and necessary for Central America, but de facto Government apparently committed to principles of Washington Conventions, both by reason of initiative already taken and by the fact that Carnegie Building, San José, for the Court rapidly nearing completion. Lara announces in the newspapers that officially no information has been received of the unionist movement by his Government.

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