File No. 818.00/79b

The Secretary of State to Minister Hale


You will ask for an unofficial interview with General Tinoco and inform him that you have been instructed to hand him for his information a copy of a cablegram which has been sent to the American Legations in the other four Central American capitals for presentation to the respective Governments and you will state to him that the friendship of the Government of the United States for the Republic of Costa Rica has been such for so many years that it is most earnestly desired by this Government that nothing may occur which might injure this relationship; that the desire which this Government has of seeing the will of the people prevail in governmental matters in Costa Rica has forced it to the conclusion that no Government except such as may be elected legally and established according to the Constitution shall be considered entitled to recognition.

Following is text of cablegram to other countries in Central America: [Here follows above circular telegram.]

You will further make it plain to General Tinoco that no Government set up by him will be recognized.