File No. 818.00/79a

The Secretary of State to Minister Leavell 2


You are instructed to state to the Government of the country to which you are accredited that it is desired that the following statement be made public:

The Government of the United States has viewed the recent overthrow of the established Government in Costa Rica with the gravest concern and considers that illegal acts of this character tend to disturb the peace of Central America and to disrupt the unity of the American Continent. In view of its policy in regard to the assumption of power through illegal methods, clearly enunciated by it on several occasions during the past four years, the Government of the United States desires to set forth in an emphatic and distinct manner its present position in regard to the actual situation in Costa Rica which is that it will not give recognition or support to any Government which may be established unless it is clearly proven that it is elected by legal and constitutional means.

  1. Same to the American Ministers at Tegucigalpa, San Salvador and Managua.