File No. 151.07/71

General Funston to the Adjutant General


No. 4406. I have sent the following to General Pershing:

In view of the facts reported in your 759 and the well known hostility of the Villistas to all Chinamen I deem that the laws of humanity demand that those amongst them who will be exposed to this hostility as a result of having served or befriended expeditionary force in Mexico should be given the right of temporary asylum in the United States. To that end you are directed to authorize such Chinamen to accompany your force to the border and cross to Columbus, N. M., where they will be given the right of temporary asylum. They must agree to observe such restrictions as may be necessary to place upon them pending settlement of their case by the State Department. Each man will be carefully noted and necessary precaution taken to see that all remain within jurisdiction. No expense to the United States Government will be incurred in granting this privilege. You will report to these headquarters the number that avail themselves of this privilege.

Pershing reported that there were about 500. If the foregoing is not in accordance with wishes of War Department request that I be informed as promptly as possible.