File No. 812.00/21530


Indian situation is serious. Lack of troops, lack of agreement among generals, and fact that Generals Manzo Gomez and Calles are all much occupied with private business prevents vigorous prosecution of campaign. Undoubtedly Americans at Empalme might easily be massacred should Yaquis decide to attack there as garrison there is often less than fifty or hundred men. In the last few days Yaquis have murdered probably two dozen people on outskirts of Empalme and just outside Guaymas. Presence of American naval vessel in Guaymas Bay for week or two would do much to aid Sonora Government and would have restraining effect on Indians. Last week Indians frightened pumpmen from Guaymas water works station and town is now without water except in daytime, pumpmen fearing to work at night. Contrary to former methods Indians now operating in bodies of several hundred believed under Villista leadership.