File No. 312.11/8510

Consul Simpich to the Secretary of State


My December 6, 5 p.m. Following foreigners killed by Yaqui Indians in raid on Esperanza December 6: Jack Ephler, Henry Foreman or Farnum, Lee Rasmussen, Lucas Voglemut and Fred Hapi. The first is said to have been a naturalized and the others native Americans; their nationality not yet definitely established as they were transients in country. These men were first captured by Indians, then later killed. Three Chinese were also killed and it has been reported to the German authorities that four Germans were killed. This last report may refer to the parties mentioned above who have German names. American colony Yaqui Valley is telegraphing for protection for lives and property; some Indians are reported near Ontagota in Richardson Company’s land; only 150 troops left here instead of 400 as telegraphed December 6. Garrison at Esperanza is probably 700. My inquiry as to number unanswered. Yesterday I telegraphed Governor pointing out that Richardson Company for greater safety some months ago removed its general offices to Los Angeles but that lately under penalty of fine it was compelled to return its headquarters to Esperanza where this attack has just occurred and asking Governor as to protection measures. When his reply is received it will be telegraphed. It appears Governor Sobriano is doing all possible with force at his disposal but that Indian situation is occasionally beyond control.