File No. 365.117/507

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Page

No. 497

Sir: The Department has been informed by the Honorable John J. Eagan, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York, that Domenico Andreaccio, of 501 Grand Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, and an interpreter in the employ of this Government at Ellis Island, New York, desires to have arrangements made to enable his son, Guglielmo (William), who has been studying at the “Nazionale Convitto,” Potenza, Province of Basilicata, Italy, for some time, to return to the United States to reside with his father. The Department has been furnished with documentary evidence showing that Guglielmo Andreaccio was born at Hoboken, New Jersey, on February 13, 1898, and that his father, Domenico Andreaccio, obtained naturalization as a citizen of the United States in the Court of Common Pleas of Hudson County, New Jersey, on March 2, 1892. It appears that the young man has written his father that he has been summoned to report for military service in the Italian Army at the close of his school term in March, 1917. It further appears that the young man may be communicated with in care of Mr. Alfredo Tramutoli at Potenza, Province of Basilicata, Italy.

Inasmuch as the citizenship of Guglielmo Andreaccio has been established to the satisfaction of the Department, you will please present the facts in the case to the appropriate Italian authorities and ask that he be released from the performance of military service in the Italian Army and permitted to return to the United States. You are authorized to issue an emergency passport to the young man to enable him to leave Italy and return to the United States to reside with his father, who appears to be domiciled in this country.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Frank L. Polk