File No. 701.0055

The Minister in Belgium (Whitlock) to the Secretary of State


Diplomatic corps to-night decided in principle that in event of Court’s moving to Antwerp it will follow, but that Legations will remain in Brussels. In many, perhaps most instances, chiefs of mission will remain in Brussels, especially those representing neutral powers, who, like Spanish Minister and myself, are or may be entrusted with protection of interests of belligerent powers. Many will remain to assist their colonies. In such cases they will be represented at Antwerp by secretaries or attachés with the work we have to do. It will be inadvisable if not impossible for Mr. Gibson or myself to leave here if transfer should be made soon. Unless instructed to the contrary I shall explain situation to Minister for Foreign Affairs and endeavor to arrange some practical means of communication perhaps through Consul General at Antwerp until such time as Mr. Gibson or I may be able to go.