File No. 761.91/12.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister at Teheran.


Your telegram of November 30, 10 p.m. In response to an appeal for the influence of the United States in the present crisis the Persian chargé d’affaires has to-day been informed that under all the circumstances this Government has nothing to add at this time to what was indicated in the aide mémoire handed him on the 27th ultimo, the pertinent part of which was telegraphed you on November 28. 5 p.m. This indisposition to interfere or advise as to the present decisions and political questions of paramount importance to Persia and directly affecting other powers must be clearly understood by the Persian Government.

Turning to the status of Mr. Shuster and his assistants in their capacity as Americans citizens you will impress upon the Government of Persia the expectation of this Government that all proper measures be taken to insure their personal safety and well-being.

In conversation with your British and Russian colleagues you will assure yourself that their Governments will not fail, either now or in case a changing situation should throw upon them heavier responsibilities, to insure to Shuster and his associates the personal security consideration and justice due them as American citizens.

The legation will, of course, afford these American citizens all proper protection in case of jeopardy and will safeguard any rights growing out of the terms of their contracts with the Persian Government.