File No. 761.91/12.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


Have shown Shuster paraphrase your telegram November 28, 5 p.m.1 Persian Government apparently were not informed of your statement by Persian chargé d’affaires. At his request I transmit the following from Shuster:

In reference to my contract with Persian Government on file Department of State, I have faithfully performed same, executing duties of treasurer general under greatest difficulties to the satisfaction of Persian Legislature, Government, and people. At noon yesterday Russia presented 48–hour ultimatum to Persia demanding my dismissal and that my assistants should be subjected to the approval of Russia and England. Six other Americans serving here with contracts similar to mine and eight others en route to sign contracts, all authorized by Persian Legislature. Russia evidently intends making it impossible for Americans to serve Persian Government. Russian semiofficial press has long been waging campaign of abuse against me, calling me Jew. Apparently no prospect of Persian Parliament revoking my contract. Request prompt information as to protection to which American citizens having contracts made with friendly sovereign nation are entitled under these peculiar circumstances. I am personally indifferent to result, but feel heavy responsibility for 14 other Americans brought here largely through my influence. It is probable that the failure of Parliament revoke my contract will be followed by actual interference by Russia with my duties, powers, and rights thereunder. I am asking this information not as Persian official but as American citizen.

  1. Not printed.