File No. 891.51/123.

The American Ambassador to Russia to the Secretary of State.

No. 129.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that I called to-day upon M. Sazonoff, the minister of foreign affairs.

In connection with Persian matters he confirmed the statement telegraphed to you on December 8, 1911,1 to the effect that complete personal protection would be given to Mr. Shuster, including, if necessary, an armed escort out of Persia.

He added that Mr. Shuster’s selection was particularly disagreeable to Russia, not only on account of his action, but because he is a Jew. I ventured to say that in this at least I thought he was mistaken, but he insisted upon it with great emphasis and ascribed Shuster’s interests to this alleged fact. Nevertheless he assured me that Shuster’s personal protection by Russia could be absolutely relied upon.

I have, etc.,

Curtis Guild.
  1. Not printed.