File No. 761.91/10.

The Department of State to the Persian Legation at Washington.

Aide Mémoire.

On November 26 the Department of State received from the Imperial Legation of Persia a copy of a telegram to the general effect [Page 684] that various activities of Mr. W. Morgan Shuster, treasurer general of Persia, including press propaganda critical, of the attitude of certain foreign powers, are complained of by the Imperial Russian Government and have thus involved the Government of Persia in difficulties.

The Persian chargé d’affaires having been instructed to discuss the situation with the Secretary of State and to seek the views and advice of the American Government in the premises, the Secretary of State desires to express his appreciation of the considerate motive of this communication.

In view of the circumstances under which the Persian Government selected and engaged Mr. Shuster, an American citizen, to fill an important post as an official of Persia, the Government of the United States recognizes that the difficulties indicated present for the decision of the Government of Persia political questions in regard to which the Secretary of State does not find it appropriate to offer any suggestion.