File No. 891.51/54.

The Persian Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communications of January 191 and February 14,1 in which the State Department transmitted to this legation two lists of names suggested, at my Government’s request, as being financial experts suitable to undertake the work of reorganizing the finances of the Persian Empire.

As the department is aware, the men selected are as follows:

  • Mr. W. Morgan Shuster, of Washington, D. C.
  • Mr. F. S. Cairns, of Iloilo, P. I.
  • Mr. C. S. McCaskey, of the New York customhouse.
  • Mr. R. W. Hills, of Washington, D. C.
  • Mr. Bruce G. Dickey, of Pine Island, Minn.

Of the three names submitted on the Department’s list of January 19, I talked first with Mr. W. Morgan Shuster, who was at the head of the list.

In view of the Department’s considerate suggestion to the effect that when the two more important posts had been filled, the selection of the other three assistants should be made in consultation with those two men, and that the Department would approve this course, I have the honor to inform you that Mr. C. S. McCaskey, acting deputy surveyor in the New York customhouse, was recommended by Mr. Shuster to the Department and myself as his immediate assistant. I understand that the War Department is familiar with Mr. McCaskey’s previous services and record, and that the State Department is likewise aware of them.

On January 30, after making tentative arrangements as to terms and conditions with these gentlemen, I cabled my Government submitting these terms for approval, and February 8 I received a cable dispatch approving the terms and conditions in the form in which they were recommended by me.

An accurate but not strictly literal translation of said cablegram is as follows:

Teheran, February 8, 1911.

Persian Legation,

Cablegram regarding financial assistants received. Compensation approved. Minimum period engagement three years. Cable traveling expenses for five. Determine remaining conditions in favor of Government. Important conditions are:

Being obedient to orders of ministers of finance;
Option of Government to annul contracts with payment of six months’ compensation;
In case sickness lasts more than three months Government shall have right to annul contract;
In case of nonfulfillment of duty Government shall have right to annul contract without payment of any advance compensation or traveling expenses;
From day of arrival in Teheran salaries shall be paid at end of every three months;
In case assistants shall resign of their own accord, compensation shall be paid for period of actual services rendered without return traveling expenses;
Assistants shall not interfere with religious or political matters nor engage in commerce.

No. 87.


In the name of my Government I have the honor to express sincere thanks for the kindly interest and good offices of your Department in assisting me to bring these negotiations to a successful termination.

I have, etc.,

Mirza Ali Kuli Kahn.
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