File No. 815.00/843.


Mr. McCreery reports an interview with the President at the latter’s request. Later he received a note in the form of a memorandum sent by direction of the President stating that the memorandum contained in concrete form the ideas expressed at the interview, a translation of which is as follows:


The commerce of the south and east of the country has been paralyzed by the rebellion of Gen. Jose Maria Valladares; the lives and property of foreigners are in danger, and as the port of Amapala has been declared closed nationals will consequently suffer because of the lack of means of subsistence. The landing of the rebel chief on the mainland and the disturbance of the rest of the Republic can be prevented by the Executive, but he can not attack the rebel commander on the island where he now is on account of the lack of boats. The Government of Honduras therefore asks the decisive cooperation of the United States as a service to the foreign residents at the port, and at the same time to end the difficult situation created by the rebel commander and establish legitimate authority.