File No. 21641/8.

The Acting Secretary of State to Chargé Harvey.

No. 30.]

Sir: I inclose the extradition papers in the case of Vahan Nalbandian, alias Frank Jones, whose extradition from Bulgaria is desired by the State of Massachusetts. You will transmit the papers to the Foreign Office and request, as an act of grace, the surrender of Nalbandian upon the charge of murder. You will at the same time formally state in your note of request that owing to the limitations placed upon the power of the Executive in this country it will not be possible for this Government, in the absence of a treaty of extradition, to reciprocate this considerate action of the Bulgarian Government. You will also express the high appreciation of this Government for the courtesy extended by the Bulgarian authorities in expressing their willingness to surrender this man.

I am, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.