Minister Morgan to the Secretary of State.

No. 1.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit the message which the President of Paraguay recently sent to Congress, and which was printed in El Diario, of Asuncion, on April 1. A translation in summary form of the message is also inclosed.

I have, etc.,

Edwin V. Morgan.

Message of the President of Paraguay.


International conventions have been drawn with the following countries:

  • A naturalization treaty with the United States.
  • A convention with Argentina for the simplification of the legalization of rogatory letters.
  • An arbitration treaty with the United States.

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Within a short time the ratifications of an extradition treaty with Austria-Hungary will be exchanged.

Extradition treaties with Italy, England, and the United States are now before your honorable body, and I recommend that they receive your prompt action.

The Executive believes it advantageous to approve the conventions signed at the International American Congress and The Hague Peace Conference, and for this purpose it will in a short time send you a message, accompanied by the corresponding documents.

The necessity of exercising proper vigilance over the jurisdictional waters of our rivers, which in great part are exercised in common with neighboring States, gave rise during the recent revolution to unforeseen incidents, which showed the necessity of beginning negotiations for a convention which shall establish the procedure of fluvial police. Meanwhile my Government maintains that, under the present circumstances, in default of an express convention, Paraguay has the right to claim the same practices and exercise the same powers as are recognized reciprocally by other countries in their treaties, laws, or decrees regarding the navigation of common rivers.