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Minister Heimke to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Referring to my dispatch, No. 33,1 of the 21st ultimo, reporting the inauguration of the sessions of the National Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, and forwarding three copies of the message delivered on that occasion by the President of the Republic, I have to transmit herewith, in duplicate, a translation of that message.

I have, etc.,

William Heimke.

President’s Message—Extract.

The international relations which, the Government of El Salvador has cultivated with all the friendly Governments have been preserved on a footing of the most cordial fitness.

As a reflection of this cordiality of relations, the minister of the department will explain to you the different diplomatic conferences in which El Salvador has taken part and the international acts to which our representatives abroad have subscribed, as well as the honorable invitations which the Government has received to take part in other international congresses planned for the future.

Referring especially to the relations which we have preserved on a basis of the most strict and cordial fraternity with our sister Republics of Central America, I am glad to inform you that the bonds which unite them with us by our common origin happily continue undisturbed, deploring only the disturbance of order which has taken place in Nicaragua; but it is to be hoped that within a short time normal conditions will be reestablished in that sister Republic.

In compliance with one of the stipulations of the Washington treaties and desiring to bind closer the good friendship which has always united us with the sister Republic of Costa Rica, I appointed as chargé d’affaires before that Government Dr. Reyes Arrieta Rossi, which appointment was made on the 17th of last June. In July of the same year the Government of Costa Rica invited that of El Salvador to take part in the Fourth International Sanitary Congress, which invitation was accepted, Dr. Alfonso Quinones M. being appointed to assist at the congress referred to as delegate for this Republic.

The honorable legation of the Kingdom of Italy has been transferred to this capital for the purpose of arranging certain matters, of which I will give you an account in the proper report.

With the Government of the United States of America relations have been maintained unaltered, and on the 18th of October Mr. William Heimke was received in public audience in the character of envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary. On the 3d of July of last year there took place in Washington the exchange of ratifications of the treaty of arbitration celebrated between El Salvador and the United States of America.

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With the other countries of the American Continent there has not happened during the year any event of importance, good relations being cultivated, as usual, with them all.

Likewise with the Governments of Europe that of El Salvador has maintained on the basis of the greatest harmony the relations which have existed for many years. The Treaty of Commerce celebrated with Germany was exchanged in Guatemala through the medium of our plenipotentiary, Dr. Francisco G. de Machon and his excellency Count Ulrich von Schwerin, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the German Empire in Central America.

The Government, desiring to bind closer the relations of friendship which it cultivates with the Government of the Kingdom of Italy, decided to accredit Dr. J. Gustavo Guerrero in the capacity of chargé d’affaires of El Salvador in that country, on the 21st of May of last year.

On the 8th of March the instrument of ratification of the conventions celebrated by the second peace conference in 1907 was remitted to the minister for foreign affairs at The Hague.

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