File No. 24850/1.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Netherlands Chargé.

No. 74.]

Sir: Referring to your note of the 3d instant, in which you request information as to the probable expenses which would be incurred in extraditing a fugitive from the United States to the Netherlands, I have the honor to advise you that a letter, dated the 1st instant, has been received from the Acting Attorney General in which he states that the cost in extradition cases varies from several dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the travel necessary to apprehend the fugitive, the length of time the defendant is held in custody, and the expenses attached to the attendance of witnesses, if there are any.

The Acting Attorney General gives the following items that usually occur in extradition cases, from which you may form an idea as to the cost:

Travel to serve warrant of arrest and subpoena for witnesses, 6 cents for each mile necessarily traveled.

Expenses endeavoring to arrest the defendant, not exceeding $2 for each day’s endeavor.

For services of warrant of arrest, $2.

Transporting deputy, necessary guard, and defendant, 10 cents for each mile for each person.

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Deputy marshal’s attendance before the commissioner at the examination of defendant, $2 for each day.

Committing, discharging, or bonding defendant, 50 cents for each.

Witness fees, $1.50 for each day’s attendance before the commissioner for each witness.

Mileage to witnesses, 5 cents for each mile traveled from the place of residence to the place of trial or hearing, and 5 cents for each mile returning.

Actual cost of prisoners’ subsistence and medical attention.

In addition to the usual items above mentioned that occur in the accounts of United States marshals there are fees for the services of United States commissioners for issuing the process, conducting the examination, etc., and at times there are other costs that arise which are not herein mentioned as usual but which occur on account of the peculiar circumstances surrounding the particular case.

The department will be glad to furnish any further information you may desire relative to the cost in the extradition of fugitives from the United States.

Accept, etc.,

Huntington Wilson.