The Secretary of State to Ambassador Reid.

No. 714.]

Sir: I inclose herewith a copy of a communication, dated June 11, 1908, from the Liberian mission to the United States, by which the Government of the United States is requested to invite the Government of Great Britain to join with it in an arrangement looking to the perpetuity of Liberia.

With the envoys’ note are inclosed copies of signed pro-memoriæ which passed between the British Embassy at Washington and the department in March, 1897. While copies of these are already in your embassy, further copies are herewith inclosed for your convenience.

Referring to these and to the communication addressed to the President of Liberia by the British consul at Monrovia on January 14, 1908 (a copy of which you will find with the department’s instruction to you No. 630 of March 10, 1908), the department desires you to say to Sir Edward Grey that the Government of the United States having special interest in the welfare of Liberia, arising from the circumstances under which the settlement of that country was made, is very desirous to be of assistance to the Liberians, and that, having especially in view the British Government’s communication of March 8, 1897, the Government of the United States would be glad to have the views of the British Government as to how the United States could cooperate with that Government toward promoting the welfare of Liberia.

I am, etc.,

Elihu Root.