File No. 1806/674.

The Secretary of State to Minister Bryan.


Sir: The department has received your No. 38, of the 5th instant; inclosing copy of the addresses delivered by the King of Belgium and the minister of the colonies upon the occasion of the recent opening of the Kongo Museum at Tervueren, and is glad to learn of the King’s firm stand regarding reforms in that territory.

In assuming the duties of your new post you have no doubt familiarized yourself with the correspondence in the legation’s archives in regard to the Kongo. You are, therefore, fully aware that, while the United States has for the present merely taken note of the Belgian announcement of annexation, the attitude of this Government has been one of benevolent encouragement and expectation that under the new regime and contemplated reforms the condition of the natives would be ameliorated and the treaty engagements to which the United States is a party fully observed. Your recent reports of the promulgation of various decrees affecting the Kongo, together with your dispatch under acknowledgement, are gratifying indications of the sincere purpose of the present Belgian authorities to effectually accomplish reforms. This Government will continue to observe the situation with interest, trusting that the measures now initiated may accomplish the results so confidently looked for.

I am, etc.,

Mr. Knox
Huntington Wilson.