File No. 23700/20.

Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.


Acknowledges No. 1291 and says court of arraignment of Luxemburg is of opinion that Nicholas Knepper’s extradition must be refused on the ground that he is charged with burglary committed by the use of false keys, which does not conform to the provisions of article 2 of the treaty of extradition, and that the minister for foreign affairs of Luxemburg desires to know whether, under the circumstances, the Government of the United States will persist in its request for his extradition or whether request will be withdrawn. The minister for foreign affairs says if it is the intention of the plaintiff authorities to persist in their request that probably the court of arraignment might be inclined to make a favorable decision if the Government of the United States will, by simple declaration, guarantee to the Government of the Grand Duchy to grant in such case requests for extradition which may emanate from the Government of the Grand Duchy for analogous offenses.

Mr. Beaupré adds that Knepper will be held under arrest if the authorities of Luxemburg are enabled to continue the case before the 17th instant.

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