Minister Beaupré to the Secretary of State.

No. 399.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 378, of May 21 last, in regard to the circular note sent by the Netherlands Government to the powers signatory to the convention for the establishment of an international court of prize, proposing a protocol additional thereto, I have the honor to report that, with a view of obtaining any information possible concerning the progress of the negotiations looking to the adoption of this protocol, I called upon the minister for foreign affairs this afternoon and approached the subject. In response to my inquiry the minister said that up to the present time the information which had been furnished him in regard to the reception of the proposed additional protocol was of the most satisfactory and favorable nature; that nothing in any way unfavorable to the proposal had come to him from any source, and that he was thoroughly of opinion that no serious difficulties in the way of the adoption of the proposed protocol would arise. He added that should anything occur which it might seem important for me to know he would [Page 633] inform me thereof at once; and that in a short time he would furnish me with more definite particulars in respect to the information which he had been able to obtain as to the reception of the proposal in question.

I am, etc.,

A. M. Beaupré.